My guy and meI’m Kare, a.k.a. Karen, a.k.a. Crazy Dog Lady, Left-Handed Oddball, Puddinpop, and Klutz.

The Hazel Bloom is all about the domestic stuff that I adore. I’m always cooking up a new project around the house, or just plain cooking, period. And back in September 2009, when I started this crazy blog, I decided it was about darn time to share my adventures in aspiring domestic divadom.

I’ve lived in the Seattle area my entire life, and I love it – though I admit to entertaining a move to Santa Barbara or thereabouts pretty much every winter. I’m a web writer professionally, and an aspiring photographer. Visit the Flying Carrot Media website to learn more!

In June, I become a wife to a wonderful guy (a.k.a. My Guy) who rides a Harley and loves 1965 Ford Mustangs so much that we have three of them. He built me a garden and a craft office and, yeah, I pretty much pinch myself every day. He also loves to eat, thankfully – and gives the food he really loves grunt ratings, which of course I share here.

My ever-present sidekick is Lizzie, who can often be seen looking inconspicuous when I’m snapping food photos. My sweet golden retriever Angelyne, often mentioned and photographed in stories like this one and this one, and my super sidekick of nearly 14 years, sadly passed away on September 27, 2010.

I swear Lizzie has upped her sidekicking efforts ever since.

I’m a plain ol’ non-professionally-trained home cook who loves real, fresh, great food – except for the occasional lapse into Velveetaville. And I’m a vegetarian, though I do prepare meat now and then for friends and family, and often share their very favorite recipes here. I’d like to think that increases my credibility when it comes to carnivorous recipes – I mean, I can’t be biased about food I didn’t taste, right?! ;) I also like sharing easy, flexible recipes that can be made at the same time, but will ultimately result in both meat-free and meat-full versions.

Enough about me! What’s up with you? Email me anytime at kare@thehazelbloom.com – or send me a message using the Contact Form.

Thanks for stopping by!