Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera do you use?

Prior to March 2010, I shot with my cute purple Nikon Coolpix S550.  When I bit the bullet and bought a fancy-pants (for me) big girl DSLR camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, it was a whole new world! Most of my photos are shot with my trusty, amazing (and budget friendly) Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens.  I shoot almost exclusively with natural light – I really have no idea how to shoot with a flash and make it look decent. Which is just an example of how much I still have to learn…

Did you design this blog?

I did! Sort of. This blog was my first foray into WordPress (love it, of course). I used the Canvas theme from WooThemes, because it was highly customizable and had the framework I was looking for. And then I customized the heck out of it. The mixer and rolling pin images are customized from this wonderful clipart that I purchased from the Etsy seller Goodness and Fun. Quite possibly the best $5 I’ve ever spent!

Can I hire you to do my bidding?

Probably, yes! I’ve developed my career in the web world over the past 15 years, concentrating on writing web content for the last five. I’m just about to open shop over at Flying Carrot Media. With a little luck, I’ll be doing freelance web writing for companies big and small. And if you need a few photos along with the piece, even better.

Why aren’t there any more Frequently Asked Questions than this?

Well, because this blog is relatively new… and I really haven’t received many questions yet. If you’ve got one, though, please ask! :)