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Pizza Bianca

I've been holding out on you guys. It's totally a big deal, too. Okay, not really.   It's about pizza. The other day when I posted about Pizza on the Barbecue? I neglected to talk about my very, very, VERY favorite kind of grilled pizza. Pizza Bianca – a.k.a. White Pizza. So simple, and so [...]

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Pizza on the Barbecue

Pizza on the Barbecue

Been wondering just how easy (or hard) it is to barbecue a pizza? Hint: It’s easier than you probably think. Think flavorful olive-oil-based crust, parchment paper for easy transfer on and off the grill, and any fresh topping you can think of. Once you try grilling pizza on the barbecue, I bet you’ll be hooked.

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Fire-Roasted Artichokes with Chipotle Aioli

  Oooooh yeah. It's artichoke season. Green, spiny, scaly, perhaps slightly mysterious – and so fun (and delicious) to eat. A plain old artichoke can be slightly intimidating to the uninitiated. But once you know the drill, they're truly a cinch to cook up, and just as easy to eat.  I love the article entitled [...]

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Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Last Friday, I invited a few friends over. And I made them Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. Here’s a photo. But before I talk anymore about the Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, I’m going to talk about something else. Pom-poms and great friends. I’m a DIY freak. So when it came to planning our wedding (less than [...]

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Teriyaki Chicken on the BBQ (with Tofu Option)

I'd been searching high and low for the perfect chicken marinade for a long time before I came across this keeper on Recipezaar, Teriyaki Marinade for Chicken or Steak. This is good stuff, I'm telling you. The flavor makes it all the way inside the chicken, and the chicken cooks up nice and moist – [...]

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