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Spicy Baked Buffalo Wings

Spicy Baked Buffalo Wings

Step-by-step recipe for spicy baked buffalo wings – “Spicy enough to where they’re enjoyable, but not so much to where I’m in pain. I could eat those all day.”

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Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Last Friday, I invited a few friends over. And I made them Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. Here’s a photo. But before I talk anymore about the Slow-Cooked BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, I’m going to talk about something else. Pom-poms and great friends. I’m a DIY freak. So when it came to planning our wedding (less than [...]

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Bachelor Pockets

Back in October, while we were munching on piroshky at Oktoberfest (which I'm only now realizing is kind of an odd thing to eat at an Oktoberfest celebration), my guy mentioned these foodstuffs-in-dough reminded him of one of his food specialties. A food specialty that I've since named Bachelor Pockets, and a food specialty that [...]

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Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Skewers, aka: “Love”

I knew I was in deep when my guy was having a really bad day, and I found myself Googling bacon-wrapped meat recipes so I could cook him a yummy dinner to help cheer him up. See, I'm a vegetarian, and while, yes, I'm fine with people eating meat in front of me at restaurants, [...]

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Teriyaki Chicken on the BBQ (with Tofu Option)

I'd been searching high and low for the perfect chicken marinade for a long time before I came across this keeper on Recipezaar, Teriyaki Marinade for Chicken or Steak. This is good stuff, I'm telling you. The flavor makes it all the way inside the chicken, and the chicken cooks up nice and moist – [...]

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