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Fireplace Tool Stand Made Gift Bag Holder

Have I mentioned how much I love taking someone else's castoff and reimagining it in a completely new way? It's a fun way for anyone to tap into their creative sides, and also do something cool on the cheap. Plus it's all in vogue right now and stuff (and hopefully forever) – reduce, reuse, recycle, [...]

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Colorful Cork Board Tiles

I really wanted some bulletin board space for odds, ends, and ideas above my table in our Craft Office, and those plain brown 12×12 tiles seemed perfect for the job. Except… they were plain brown. So I decided to spice them up with some color. I considered painting them (it'd totally work) but soon after, [...]

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The Craft Office: Part 3

I'm soooo excited about the future craft office. Scratch that. Not the future craft office, the ACTUAL craft office. It's come along so much the past week or so, I think it's time we take the "future" out of the name. Exciting times, right?! A few days ago, my guy was all, "Hey, let's go [...]

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The Craft Office: Part 2

We found the perfect table for the future craft office at Ikea! Ikea is great for some furniture – really! They have table tops and table legs so you can mix and match and make exactly what you want. And sometimes you don't know exactly what you wanted until you see the coolest table legs [...]

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The Future Craft Office

(aka: Office slash craft room) Today we head down to Ikea to see if they have any non-flimsy furniture that might help us turn this: into something like this: Okay, well, hopefully you know what I mean. I don't have a shapeshifting room (darnit!) and we have limited funds, so unlike Martha, I only get [...]

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