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Salvaged Patio Cart

This thing cost me $5 at a garage sale last Friday. Total shocker, right? I mean, it's in such pristine condition… I know, I know. Not. It's certainly a little worse for the wear, but it was the perfect size for our patio – where I wanted a cart or a table for drinks, BBQ [...]

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Fireplace Tool Stand Made Gift Bag Holder

Have I mentioned how much I love taking someone else's castoff and reimagining it in a completely new way? It's a fun way for anyone to tap into their creative sides, and also do something cool on the cheap. Plus it's all in vogue right now and stuff (and hopefully forever) – reduce, reuse, recycle, [...]

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Thrift Store Candlesticks Made Happier

Hold up! Did you enter the $50 Sur La Table gift card giveaway? It ends tonight! Yes? Okay, great. I now return you to your regularly scheduled The Hazel Bloom. — This month's thrift store travels have not only been few and far between, but a little lean. I've been searching for very specific stuff, [...]

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Vintage Postcards: Part 2

(Part 2, you say? Yup! Here's Part 1.) It's a slight crime that I don't remember where I got these, or how long ago it was, or where they've been all this time. But when was poking around the garage and found these in a box full of all kinds of other miscellany, I carried them inside [...]

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When Life Gives You Pringles, Make a Cute Tall Container to Store Stuff!

My mom gives me her castoff magazines, and one of my favorite things in the whole world is coming away from a family visit with a bag full of Country Living, Cooking Light, Martha Stewart Living, and the newest addition, ReadyMade. What a cool magazine. It's grown-up crafting and home decor stuff with a heavy [...]

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