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My Veggie Garden: A Love Story

My Veggie Garden: A Love Story

Before he was really even officially “my guy,” my guy was building me an amazing small vegetable garden in a corner of his suburban backyard. Complete with raised beds and containers for veggies and herbs, surrounded by a picket fence, and topped off with an amazing garden arbor entrance, my guy pretty much sealed the whole “uh oh, I’m in deep” thing for this gardening gal.

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My Buddy Valentine

I wrote this story three years ago about my crazy, sweet dog Lizzie, who has wound up being the most terrific pooch. Sure, she's got her issues, just like most any dog that's been through something as traumatic as Hurricane Katrina. But I wouldn't have her any other way. She's the most affectionate, cuddly, sweet-hearted [...]

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