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Ikea Bookcase Made Sideboard

I really do love Ikea. And I especially love Ikea's Expedit bookcases.  They're, in a word, rad. Well, I guess that's actually about 1/3 of a word, but you know what I mean. We recently bought three of the shelving units, one four-squares-wide by two-squares-tall, as linked above. We laid it on its side, I [...]

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Baby Kate’s Nursery

My friend Megan is quite possibly the most talented amateur interior decorator that I know. The adorable thing is, she has no idea what a natural she is at this sort of thing. Whenever I leave her house, I'm inspired to paint the living room already or finally retire that bachelor bedroom set with the [...]

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A New Seat on Life: Revamping Barstools

They weren't horrible before or anything. Medium brownish wood, black pleather tops. Pretty unassuming. They didn't know it, but they actually needed me. The truth is, they were bored. So I gave them a new lease… or seat… on life. (I know, a bit of a stretch with the pun there, and darn corny too. [...]

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The Powder Room Redesign

It's hard to meld styles when you come from very different perspectives. You know, like male and female. Bachelor and bachelorette. I came to the table with a major girly beach cottage/shabby chic thing going on, and my guy had a, shall we say, "bachelor chic" look happening. We decided we'd be better off starting [...]

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The Craft Office: Part 3

I'm soooo excited about the future craft office. Scratch that. Not the future craft office, the ACTUAL craft office. It's come along so much the past week or so, I think it's time we take the "future" out of the name. Exciting times, right?! A few days ago, my guy was all, "Hey, let's go [...]

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The Future Craft Office

(aka: Office slash craft room) Today we head down to Ikea to see if they have any non-flimsy furniture that might help us turn this: into something like this: Okay, well, hopefully you know what I mean. I don't have a shapeshifting room (darnit!) and we have limited funds, so unlike Martha, I only get [...]

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