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The Wall

The Wall

Here’s a confession: For a long time, I’ve been deathly afraid to tune in to Hoarders. The truth is, I feared I’d see too much of myself. See, I’ve never been the  most… meticulous. An elementary school teacher sent home the feedback, “Karen is so talented! But… she needs to work on her organizational skills.” [...]

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Salvaged Patio Cart

This thing cost me $5 at a garage sale last Friday. Total shocker, right? I mean, it's in such pristine condition… I know, I know. Not. It's certainly a little worse for the wear, but it was the perfect size for our patio – where I wanted a cart or a table for drinks, BBQ [...]

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Thrift Store Finds for November

It was a busy, busy month, but I ended up finding a little time to poke around a few thrift stores. The November verdict: Furniture was a big thumbs down, vintage glassware thumbs up. I've already featured a few things in earlier stories, like the… Formerly White Candlesticks I painted them red. I absolutely love [...]

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Thrift Store Candlesticks Made Happier

Hold up! Did you enter the $50 Sur La Table gift card giveaway? It ends tonight! Yes? Okay, great. I now return you to your regularly scheduled The Hazel Bloom. — This month's thrift store travels have not only been few and far between, but a little lean. I've been searching for very specific stuff, [...]

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Thrift Store Finds for October

Thrift stores rock. Yes, they're usually pretty filthy. And yes, they smell terrible, absolutely. But I so totally don't care. I'm there to treasure hunt. I wasn't able to make it too many in October, but here are my favorite finds from the couple of visits I did make. Fantastic 70's clock This thing is [...]

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