What Are the Best Bars in Cincinnati?

The best bars in Cincinnati may vary depending on what you are looking for. There are many different types of bars in the city, such as dive bars, sports bars, and a few that specialize in cocktails.

 The city has a lot of great options for drinking establishments. Some Cincinnati houses for sale are very close to bars that are some of the top attractions in the city. 

Having this variety offers plenty of options from enjoying the big game to a fun night out with friends. If you like to have a drink, Cincinnati is for you.

Dive Bars

A dive bar is more of an old style bar that is not really glamorous, but it has a sort of experience that you have to see for yourself to believe.

For example, the Dublin Pub. The Dublin Pub has been around since 1856 and is still going strong today. This bar serves a wide variety of drinks and they have live music every night of the week! They also offer trivia every Wednesday night at 8pm where you can win prizes if your team wins!

They have the original dive bar type of feeling that you would be looking for if dive bars are your preferred type of scenery.

The Colony Club is another worth checking out. This bar is located right near Xavier University, so it’s a great place to grab a drink before or after class. They have live music on Thursday nights to help entertain the crowd.

Sports Bars

Cincinnati is a great city for sports fans. With so many bars and restaurants, it’s easy to find a place to watch the game.

“You’re in Cincinnati, Ohio. Home of the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals.” The Cincinnati Reds are one of the oldest professional baseball teams in America.

The Cincinnati Bengals were in the Super Bowl, which sure helped to draw the crowds to sports bars as Joe Burrow suffered a heartbreaking loss, but still won the love of his city and their fans. 

There are plenty of good places to watch the games while you enjoy a nice beverage.  The Westin Cincinnati Netherland Plaza is located on the city’s north side, close to downtown. It has a full bar and offers an outdoor patio with plenty of seating.

The Great American Ballpark has an outdoor bar that opens up when there is a game going on. Helps you to get the full experience.

The Moerlein Lager House has food available and plenty of TVs for viewing games. Watching the games with a beer in your hand truly helps you feel the sports bar scene that Cincinnati is known for.

Cocktail Bars

These bars that serve specialty cocktails are a good example of not just their drinks, but the music and ambiance as well. People need to have a good time before their drinks as well as while they are drinking.

The Drinkery on Main Street is a place that has a great ambiance, a full bar and an outdoor patio that is perfect for sunny days. It also offers a wide range of craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients.

Sometimes the freshness of the ingredients make all the difference when making a better cocktail. A better cocktail means a better experience for your customers.

The Party Source on Ludlow is a place with lots of TVs, so if you’re looking for something different to watch while you’re drinking, this place is the right one for you.