3 Ways To Enjoy the Summer in North Carolina

Are you looking to broaden your vacation horizons this summer? North Carolina offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy in every season. Summertime is an especially ideal time to explore what the Tarheel State has to offer. From sandy beaches to historical sites and everything in between, there is something for every member of the family to look forward to visiting. Take a look at three of the ways you can enjoy your vacation around the state.

1. Historical Sites

North Carolina is home to a plethora of historical sites and attractions. One of the most well-known is the Biltmore Estate, America’s Largest Home. Located in Asheville, the estate sits on over 8,000 acres of gardens and woods. Construction began on the home shortly after the end of the Civil War. Speaking of the war, North Carolina is home to many historical battlefield sites. Military history is abundant throughout the state, including the shoreline. Are you interested in a pirate’s life? Learn about Blackbeard and what piracy meant throughout American history.

2. Sun and Fun

If your perfect summer vacation involves doing a whole lot of sunbathing, then you can get plenty along the 322 miles of coastline. Between the mainland and the barrier islands, there are plenty of North Carolina beachfront rentals that you can nab in your ideal location. Explore the seven lighthouses that span the coast and barrier islands, including Cape Hatteras, the largest in the country. This beacon is the most recognizable and is widely regarded as America’s Lighthouse.

3. Mountain High

The Blue Ridge Mountains offer some of the most serene scenery in the state. There is no shortage of hiking trails throughout, with courses ranging from beginning to expert. Take a few days to backpack through the trail or let the kids do some shorter distance exploring. A mountain escape in the summer offers cooler temps and long days full of sun and shade. 

With a variety to suit every need, consider putting North Carolina on the list of places to go this summer.