3 Ways To Experience Florida on Your Next Vacation

Florida has been one of the top U.S. tourist destinations for years. From beaches and theme parks to a space station and national park, the state has enough attractions to fill a lifetime of vacations. There’s so much to do in Florida that many guests may not consider all of the exciting ways to see the sites. From air to land to sea, here are three ways to experience the Sunshine State.

By Boat

With 663 miles of beaches, it should be no surprise that sun-seeking tourists flock to Florida’s coast. While the beaches offer plenty of fun, it can be difficult to appreciate the shoreline’s sheer beauty when standing on land. Instead, embark on an ocean cruise or board a fishing or sight-seeing vessel to enjoy unbelievable views of both the coastline and the open sea. It’s also the best way to encounter the area’s aquatic wildlife including dolphins, whales and manatees.

By Train

There was a time when rail travel was the only way to see Florida. Many alternatives exist today, but a train trip is still one of the best approaches to explore the state. It’s also an ideal way to experience the landscape without the hassle of highway traffic.

Some train tours in central Florida allow travelers to ride on famous trains featured in major movies like True Grit and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and once graced by stars like Johnny Cash and Robert Redford. Romantic train rides are popular with visitors and residents alike, and many involve exciting culinary, theatrical or musical elements. Step aboard a moore haven florida dinner train or wherever you visit for a one-of-a-kind experience.

By Helicopter

If you want to see as much of the state as possible, there’s no better way to cover ground than by taking an aerial tour. Imagine boarding a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of Miami. From the shimmering city skyline to the beautiful beaches on Biscayne Bay, you’ll experience your favorite sites as you’ve never seen them before.

Seaplanes are popular ways to explore hard-to-reach locations in the Florida Keys or Everglades National Park. These tours also enable wildlife watchers to enjoy Florida’s most dangerous fauna like alligators and panthers from a safe distance. For an aerial view that can’t be beat, try a hot-air balloon ride in central Florida to explore the region’s theme parks, forests, orchards and waterways.

Florida is one of the most beautiful and unique destination in America. However you choose to see it, the state will surely leave a lasting impression.