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Renting a car has several advantages for travelers and people are always seeking ways to get the best offer when renting a car. With this knowledge, car rental companies started offering different packages for travelers, and the all-inclusive car for travelers is one of these packages.

Because some companies are known to include hidden charges, travelers bother about the cost of renting cars. To solve this problem of mistrust among renters, the all-inclusive car option was offered and companies promise that it is free of any hidden charge.

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Listed below are 5 factors you should consider when renting an all-inclusive car for your trip.

1.      Insurance Policy

Car rental companies have different insurance policies that guide their operations. When providing rental cars to people hiring, some car rental companies include insurance costs in the fees they charge the person renting a car, while some hide the charges. Renting an all-inclusive car means you are paying for the services at once. You should consider the policy on insurance in the community and ensure you have all the necessary information in case of damages.

2.      Accessories

When renting an all-inclusive car, an important question to ask is the car accessories that would be included. Would you get a GPS navigator, a baby car seat, and other accessories that can make your trip convenient for you? Putting this into consideration will help you determine if the car rental company is truly offering an all-inclusive car.

3.      Fuel Policy

Fuel is a crucial part of traveling in a car and especially if the car is rented. You don’t want to be left stranded on the road while traveling, and also would not like to return an empty car after your trip. You should consider the car rental company’s policy on fuel when you are renting an all-inclusive car for your trip. It could be full-on full (you return the car with a full tank) or full and paid (you can return the car without filling the fuel tank because you have already paid for it).

4.      Drivers

Another factor to consider when renting an all-inclusive car is the number of drivers allowed to drive the car per rental. Getting this information will keep you updated and also help you plan your trip with regards to the number of people that can drive while on the trip. Being all-inclusive often means that there are no extra charges when another person, other than the person renting, drives the car.

5.      Mileage

Renting an all-inclusive car means that it can be driven for long hours to far places. Car rental companies that offer all-inclusive packages always promise no extra charges on extra miles traveled using the car. Considering this factor will help you determine if renting an all-inclusive car is the best option for your trip.


Car rental companies are always seeking ways to ensure the maximum satisfaction of their customers. Offering an all-inclusive car for rent is one of the ways these companies satisfy their customers and gain their loyalty.