5 Things To Do in Denver

Denver is the capital and largest city in the state of Colorado. It’s located just at the point where the High Plains meet the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Due to its elevation, Denver is known as the Mile-High City. Once you arrive, you can take reliable Denver airport shuttle just about anywhere you want to go. Here are a few of the can’t-miss attractions that Denver has to offer.

1. Union Station

First opening in 1881, Union Station is a landmark of interest to history buffs and fans of late 19th-century architecture. A $20 ticket buys you a guided tour of the station. It remains in service as a bus concourse and Amtrak hub, so it may be your first stop if you wish to travel to areas outside the city, or you can stay in the Crawford Hotel and browse the hip boutiques in the area.

2. Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown is best known as a survivor of the Titanic, but she was also involved in the mining industry in Denver as well as the women’s suffrage movement. She has been portrayed on screen by legendary actresses Debbie Reynolds and Kathy Bates. You can learn more about her fascinating history with a tour of her home, a Victorian-era gem that has been turned into a museum.

3. United States Mint

Denver is one of four locations where the U.S. Mint has facilities. The Mint is where money is made, and a free guided tour can teach you about the entire process from initial design to final cutting. The Mint has been present in Denver since 1863. It initially served the need of creating coins from raw ore uncovered in the Gold Rush.

4. Denver Botanic Gardens

Art and nature come together at Denver Botanic Gardens. There are over 50 gardens spread out over 24 acres, featuring exotic plants from around the world, as well as permanent and temporary art installations. You can explore the gardens on your own or, for $14, take a guided tour.

5. Mount Evans Scenic Byway

No trip to Denver would be complete without experiencing the great outdoors. With a drive up to the 14,264-foot summit of Mount Evans, in a sense, you can experience the great outdoors all at once. The byway will take you through a change of elevation totaling almost 9,000 feet. For this reason, the two-lane highway has earned the nickname “road into the sky.” Drive slowly to avoid steep drop-offs and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.