5 Ways to Avoid Using Plastics and Disposables While Traveling

The damage plastic is doing around the world is no longer news. While it may be easy when at home, avoiding plastics and disposables while traveling might seem impossible.

Check Collected.Reviews for ways to reduce waste while traveling. Getting trustworthy energy companies that recycle plastics may be difficult, here are 5 ways to avoid using plastic and disposables while traveling.

1.     Carry along containers that can be reused:

 Buy yourself  a water bottle that is good,can be reused and most importantly is Eco-friendly. This is apparently easy. Up to billions of plastic bottles are used every year, with 5 million used per day in the United States. Making it a priority to buy yourself a bottle made of stainless steel just before traveling will most definitely contribute to reducing this. Also, buying bottles made of stainless steel will help you save time, money and effort since they are durable, lasting for years. In addition to this, you can take empty bottles, empty airport security and refill them on the other side.

2.     Avoid using plastic straws:

Daily, more than 500 Million plastic straws are disposed of in the United States alone. Imagine how many will be disposed of in the whole world daily. Then imagine how much plastic will be disposed of yearly worldwide. It is common knowledge that relating with people while traveling makes the traveling experience more memorable. Saying no to using straws is a simple, yet, very effective way we can make change.In cases where making use of straw becomes compulsory, endeavor to try to use other substitutes like bamboo or stainless steel straws.

3.     Avoid free hotel shampoos:

You might be fortunate enough to stay in hotels on your trip. As tempting as it might be to take free hotel shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion,  it is important to take note that plastic bottles are disposed of and never used. They end up being sources of plastic waste. For a change, bring your own plastic free soap or products with minimal packaging.

4.     Refuse when offered:

 Saying no is simple. You can be deliberate regarding the plastic you use. If you’re offered a plastic bag or straw, turn down the offer.  This should not be restricted to traveling alone, but should also be done in your everyday life even when not on trips.  Countries like Chile are putting measures in place to ban plastic bags and straws to make citizens and tourists conscious about their plastic usage.

5.     Opting for natural food:

Almost all of our food In this day and age come in plastic packages. This is why it’s advisable to increase our consumption of natural food. When you purchase natural food a lot, what you notice is most times they come without plastic packages. Enjoy the natural packages of foods like banana or orange.

There are several other ways to avoid using plastics and disposables while traveling. However, these are the most practical ways to reduce plastic usage globally.