Locations in Italy for educational trips for your kids

If you have been looking for educational places your children can go to, you can check out these locations in Italy:


Venice is a spectacular city as it stands out among the other cities in the country. There are a lot of cultural sights that tell about the rich history of Venice such as Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica, etc. You can also visit the island of Burano. Venice has a lot of charming houses and these beautiful sights are therapeutic to behold. However, there is a lot of winding and narrow streets in Venice so you should keep your kids close. When you want to go on an educational trip to any of these cities, you can patronize US travel agencies to get the most out of the trip. However, this should be after reading reviews about the travel agency to be sure that they can provide with the experience you seek. For example, if you intend to patronize Snaptravel, you can read Snaptravel reviews to know how they can help you.


Verona has none of the vanities of Venice but it is a beautiful city nonetheless. It is a very historic city as well as it has highlights as Roman bridges and Medieval towers that every kid will love. There is also an arena that is open to everyone, your kids can run around it and enjoy themselves. You can also take them to soak up the story of Romeo and Juliet and eat some biscuits named after Shakespeare’s plays. You will have a nice time in Verona.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, also called Lago di Garda, is a wonderful educational trip in Italy. There are lots of picturesque places in the town such as Castelletto di Brenzone. The environment is also known for its beauty. For instance, during winter, you can engage in winter sports at the Monte Baldo ski resort. You can go swimming in the lake or go hiking in the mountains.


Milan is a fashion city where your kids will get to learn a lot about fashion. It is cheap to fly there from a lot of places in Europe. The huge cathedral in the center of the city, Duomo di Milano, is a very impressive sight that you do not want to miss. You can also check out the Science and Technology Museum which is built on Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches with a real submarine in the garden. You can also take your kids to explore the Sforzesco Castle and to the National History Museum to see the skeletons of the dinosaur. If you visit the city at a time when the weather is good, you can check out the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens which has a lot of space for your kids to run around.


Bologna is the city of the famous Italian ice cream that people all over the world loves, Gelato. You can take your kids to the Carpigiani museum and have them learn how to make Gelato. You can also take them to Gelato University to participate in the one day course on how to make Gelato and enhance their creativity. On your trip to the Carpigiani museum, you will see many delicious desserts and even get to taste some. At the end of the day, your kids are going to get diplomas as evidence of their new ice cream making skills.