Preventative Tips for Disposing of Potential Sewer Problems

Checking sewer regularly will help you prevent some problems for later.

Few homeowner challenges are more stressful than sewer issues. Just as rivers flow to the sea, every water source in your house must find an unobstructed passage to the city’s main sewer lines; a waste-flow problem in your house means that any task requiring drainage must be put on hold. To stave off sewer problems, initiate a preventative maintenance plan, and then follow up on it routinely. Follow these steps to prevent sewer line clogs and breaks.

The Root of the Problem

At some point, every homeowner gets the landscaping bug. When it hits, make certain you avoid planting bushes or trees near your sewer line; amazingly, plant roots will break heavy clay pipes rather easily. If you have a tree in the line’s vicinity, have branches trimmed before they spread over it; a tree’s roots tend to travel as far as the branches to stabilize it. If you discover that this has happened you will need to call a company with high-quality sewer repair products at its disposal, since this is not a task for most people.

A Preventative Enzyme Breakdown

Mark your calendar to pour an enzyme cleaner down your drains once a month. An enzyme solution acts as a natural catalyst to dissolve gunk that builds up in drainpipes, safely increasing flow. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, which can harm old plumbing and is environmentally hazardous.

The Unflushables

Some things are not meant to go into the toilet. Hygiene products are near the top of the list of line-clogging culprits, but they are not the most prevalent item. It is understandable if you discard wipes this way since many packages state they are flushable – that is not so. When water flows down main pipes, it hugs the tube walls, scrubbing away any matter and carrying it to the street system. Wipes cling to the pipes, eventually clogging the system.

An Annual Big Clean

Once a year try to have your sewer system cleaned. An annual rooting of the pipes will clear away built-up debris that can cause clogs eventually. While you are at it, take note of a related preventative measure: Do not pour grease into the kitchen sink. You may have to resort to an untimely rooting, if so.

A house is a collection of systems, many interconnected, whether electrical, plumbing, or ventilation. While they all require consistent pampering, put your sewage system at the top of your maintenance list for trouble-free service.